Find A Way To Grow at Carmel New Church

We are easily distracted from walking with the Lord for many reasons. By children, losing a job, a relationship breaking down, just to name a few. The Lord knows our hardships and reaches out constantly to continue that walk, one step at a time. We don’t know the future; we can get lost in the past.

But every new moment is a gift that the Lord wants us to use wisely.

The Lord in His Word speaks to every state of our lives, to everything we have been through or might go through. At Carmel New Church we want you to walk your journey with the Lord by supporting you in learning from Him.

Ways to Grow:

Logopraxis Life Group

  • Practicing living the Word gives us valuable life experiences that are gifts to be shared.
  • The Life Groups are a blend of self study, life application and experience, and sharing the lessons learned.
  • Meeting every 2 weeks in homes and online, to share the discoveries of walking with the Lord.

Dinner & Doctrine

  • Centred around a shared meal.
  • We connect, laugh and discuss a wide variety of life topics.
  • Meets once a month.
  • Hosted in homes.

Book Study

  • A study group for those with a love for challenging the mind and working deeply with the Lord’s words as we find them in the Old & New Testaments and the teachings for a Heavenly new church.
  • Meeting every Wednesday evening @ 8:00 pm via conference call.
  • Phone in from anywhere.