Support For Everyone at Carmel New Church


The Oxford Dictionary defines Vulnerability as the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed. It often means expressing the sides of yourself about which you have the least confidence or certainty. The mention of vulnerability can make people shut down or roll their eyes. We find it easier…

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Heavenly Community

Two phrases that stand out in New Church theology call to mind the importance of each human participating in a greater whole: “creation’s purpose is a heaven from the human race (Divine Providence 202),” and “the church is ‘heaven on earth (AC 10357).” The Lord makes it clear that He envisions a heavenly community, forming it through those who turn to…

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It’s Easy to Feel Left Out

In religion, we can often feel left out. We can easily feel left out when one teaching is stressed more often than another. Marriage is one such example. Single, divorced, widowed, or separated can easily feel that big chunks of the Lord’s Word and teachings are irrelevant to them. We can feel left out or…

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Sharing Your Faith

Swedenborg Potluck Presentation – Sharing your faith The hope for the evening of Friday, 28th January, was that by the end of it, we might have more confidence in sharing a small part of our faith with others when the opportunity arises. We started by sharing some of the barriers that we experience in talking…

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New Beginning relate to inner life

Beginnings of Inner Life

New Year As we enter the beginning of a new year, we are reminded of the cycle of the Lord’s creation, day & night, summer & winter. We see the cycles of this natural world, and we understand clearly the need and importance of these regular cycles. We recognize that in Divine Providence, everything in…

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Why does the church exist

Why does the church exist?

“Union with the Lord and regeneration are the same thing……If one person loves another and is not loved in return, then as the one draws near the other backs off; while if there is love in response, as the one draws near so does the other, and this brings about union. Love wants to be…

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ritual is a doorway

Ritual is a doorway

Every now and again we need reminding from the Lord that the ceremonies, rituals and services in themselves are not the goals of religion. Rituals are not Worship itself. It is essential to be reminded that rituals are a means to an end. A Ritual is a doorway which we can choose to use to…

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True Worship has no Restrictions

We again find ourselves having to make changes to our life and routines to abide by COVID restrictions. As with any change, there comes a mix of emotions ranging from welcoming the safety measures and caring for the vulnerable, to frustration that people’s livelihoods are being taken away and that there is such a negative…

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Where am I leading you to?

As a congregation you voted to have me serve you as Pastor. The role is vary varied across both the church and school. The essence of the role you have called me to, is that of spiritual leader. The hope from your side is that I use my training, my time and my talents to guide all that we do to connect more deeply with the Lord.

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Foggy road

Remove the Fog

Do you know the danger sign of a stagnant spiritual journey? Do you know the danger signs that could seriously damage the church? Our journey stagnates for a number of reasons as we get caught up in a fast-paced life and changing environment. It happens when we leave “our first charity.” It happens when we…

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