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Join us for our 11:00 Service Fall Series:

Deeper Messages in the Old Testament

Have you ever wondered why we still read the Old Testament?  We know that it is a Divine work from God, but what is its purpose?  While there are some common sense things in there, like the 10 commandments and while the psalms can be a wonderful source of comfort in difficult times, there are also so many places in the Bible where folks seem to be doing some pretty un-heavenly stuff. So what is the purpose? Well Emanuel Swedenborg says this about the Bible or what he refers to as the Word saying,

“Every single thing in the sense of the letter of the Word is representative of something spiritual… belonging to the Lord’s kingdom in heaven, and in the highest sense is representative of the Lord Himself…” (AC 3472)

In the New Church we believe that the Lord has now revealed the internal sense of the Word. This deeper meaning contains timeless truth about how to live a good life and also about the Lord’s internal life while He was on the earth.  This is deeper meaning was what Jesus was teaching when He opened the scriptures to His disciples, showing them how the entirety of the Bible was really about His coming (Luke 24). So come join us this fall at 11:00 am every Sunday, and take a deeper look at what the Old Testament is really trying to tell us.  Learn about the kind of life the Lord wants us live, a life guided by the spirit of the Bible. Watch a sermon before you visit!