Algonquin2002 fake horseplay“Horseplay” is the name of our young adults discussion group.  The name is meant to be a play on words that captures the fun, rollicking kind of discussion that regularly happens when we are discussing doctrine!   We’re told that “A horse means the understanding of truth drawn from the Word” (TCR 623:2).    

So the goal is to discuss current events and relevant topics in the light of the Word, and enjoy exercising our understanding as we engage in this vigorous intellectual “horseplay.”  We are targeting the younger crowd with this group (20’s – 40’s), but EVERYONE is invited to join in, whether you’re single or married, male or female, young or old!

There will be babysitting provided in the Noodle Nest at the Church, so if you have kids just feed them prior to 6:00 p.m., drop them off, and then head over to the designated location.  There is always a potluck dinner, but if you are single you get an exemption and won’t have to cook!  You will also need to bring your own beverages.

So Come Join Us For Some “HORSEPLAY!”

Some questions for you to ponder….  What does it really mean to think positively?  Is it good to wear rose-coloured glasses all of the time?  Is negative thinking being a realist or is it just eternal pessimism?  Is repentance focusing on the negative?  Should we all just do good, positive things, and not sweat the dirty details? Is happy-go-lucky better than somber and serious?