Spiritual Growth Programs

Classes and Adult Groups

Society Doctrinal Class       This is offered once a month on a Friday evening and is preceded by a supper. The topics are various and are tailored to those who want to do more than just scratch the surface.

Adult Class     This weekly class meets every Wednesday morning and is open to all interested adults for discussion and study of various books of the Writings. This year we have been studying the Apocalypse Revealed which helps us to understand more clearly the meaning of the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation.

New Church Basics II     This is a discussion group for all adults which meets Thursday evenings twice a month. This year we are doing a comprehensive overview of the Lord’s Word from a New Church perspective, starting from the first book of Genesis and continuing through the last book of Revelation.

Young Marrieds     This group meets once a month for a potluck dinner, socializing and games. Invariably, there is always discussion about marriage, relationships, and parenting. It serves as a great forum for couples to draw strength from each others experiences as they try to live a married life according to the teachings from the Lord’s Word.

Marriage Love Study Group     This group gathers on the last Wednesday of every month at 8:00pm. We are studying the book Conjugial Love which in the New Church is considered the Lord’s study guide to marriage. These classes feature in depth discussions and are very intellectually stimulating.

Theta Alpha Guild     This is the women’s organization of the church. They meet monthly often beginning with potluck suppers and, on occasion, invite a special speaker. Their work is reflected in so many aspects of society uses from school support, fundraisers, society suppers, visiting, meals for the sick, children’s Christmas gifts, to chancel flowers and others. They supply community outreach to other organizations and women’s groups.

Sons of the Carmel New Church     This is the men’s organization for the church. We meet one Saturday a month for dinner and discussion, and focus on ways we can perform our jobs with integrity, remain faithful to our wives, and become good masculine role models for our children.

Retreats Hosted by the Church

Marriage Retreat       Once a year in April we meet at a Collingwood Resort for a weekend Marriage Retreat. We have in depth discussions on relationships, communication, conflict resolution, and honouring our marriage vows. There is also plenty of time for excursions, relaxing in the hot tub, or enjoying fine dining.

Men’s Retreat     Once a year in May we gather up at Mary Lake in Port Sydney, to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Muskoka. There are periods of instruction always followed by fantastic discussions, service opportunities, and plenty of time for recreation.

Algonquin Canoe Trip for Young Adults.

Child & Youth Programs at Carmel

In addition to the Carmel New Church School, other programs, which are open to the community for children and youth, include the following:

Noodle Nest     A new playtime and crafts program this year for infants to age 5 and their mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver.

Sunday School     Four different age groups for children from JK-8 meet each Sunday morning during the adult sermon for activities relating to stories from the Word.

Youth Group     Open to all interested students grades 7-12, this weekly program includes discussions and fun activities, plus several Youth Group Weekends and other events.

      Community Outreach

During the year we also put on various neighborhood events, like Rummage Sales, Plant Sales, Craft Sales, and even Pig Roasts!

Plus we have an active Book Center to share the wonderful teachings we have with others.