Heavenly Community

Two phrases that stand out in New Church theology call to mind the importance of each human participating in a greater whole: “creation’s purpose is a heaven from the human race (Divine Providence 202),” and “the church is ‘heaven on earth (AC 10357).” The Lord makes it clear that He envisions a heavenly community, forming it through those who turn to Him for heavenly life, echoed in the Lord’s Prayer: “as in heaven, so on earth (Luke 11:2).”

The efforts of the New Church both depend on and lead to community. Just as the Lord told Nicodemus, rebirth is essential for heavenly life, signifying a shift from materialism to God & neighbor-centered living. Such transformation cannot be achieved alone.

Imagine the mental wrestling we endure as we seek guidance from truths of the Word in our complex world. The reality is that it is extremely difficult to feel confident that we are navigating with the Lord’s purposes in mind. These trials call for a compassionate and trusting community, allowing us to draw insights from others’ experiences and to then shape our decisions using that resource of wisdom gained through connection.

The power of relating to one another with trust in the Lord in mind is why we gather as a church, and why you are invited to participate in this precious, delicate community used by the Lord as a seedbed for heaven.

Warm regards, 
David Lindrooth, Assistant Bishop – Bishops Newsletter Sep 2023

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