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Recent Projects:

Samaritan's Purse - Christmas Shoe Box 2023

Thank you to the Carmel New Church School for arranging, collecting and packing 25 Christmas Shoeboxes to be sent to children in need around the world.


The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

There was a total of 397 pounds of food collected during the Thanksgiving Food Drive 2023. This surpassed our previous drive total! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause.

From the food that was collected, the school was able to create a large domino run consisting of 96 boxes of cereal and 27 boxes of macaroni and cheese!

This was also an opportunity for the students to learn a little about food insecurity and loving their neighbor.

Help serve the Lord and His church by giving of your time and talents
in useful service.

Serving or volunteering can be looked at as secondary to attending a Sunday service. Or secondary to working on our relationship with the Lord. At Carmel New Church, we understand from the Lord’s teachings that serving and giving of your time and talents is the path to a new life. It is where the Lord meets you and teaches you in ways that are not possible through just study.

Living Faith

A living faith is freely choosing to follow in the Lord’s way of servanthood because your love for another drives you. A living faith is wanting the best for them and so you do your best. Through serving, a door is opened for you to find a connection with others. It helps to find a sense of renewed purpose and belonging. Volunteering provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself. You can learn what holds you back, and what in you stops you from being there for others. Lessons we would otherwise not learn.

Safe Opportunity

Sunday Service offers a safe opportunity to practice and learn about giving kindness and thoughtfulness to all. Help serve the Lord and His church by giving your time and talents in useful service. The more volunteers who join in serving, the more people we can reach together. Sign-up for one or more of our ministry teams in spreading the joy of serving.

We have several groups but are always looking for more opportunities to grow and help people explore and grow their interest in the church.

Sunday Service

Interior of Carmel New Church Building

Greeters / Ushers / Music / Refreshments / Flowers / Decorations / AV Tech

Sacred Stories - Children's Program

Children's Sunday Program at Carmel New Church

Co-ordinator, Story Teller



Youth Opportunities at Carmel New Church



MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers

Get Involved with Parent and Tot Drop-in at Carmel New Church


Child Care

Marriage Program

Marriage Program at Carmel New Church



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