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From the Pastor’s Desk – May 2019

April 30, 2019

First, let’s just take a quick look back at some of the highlights from April!  Our 16th annual Marriage Enrichment weekend up in Collingwood was a highlight of the year for many, and those who attended had a great time!  I always find that I gain a lot of wisdom from the various perspectives offered by other couples who are trying to live the wonderful doctrines of Conjugial Love on a daily basis.

In May, as we each look forward to Mother’s Day in our own special way, I want to share two beautiful passages that surely should make us be grateful to our Mothers (and wives) even more!  “The sphere of the love of infants is a sphere of protection and support of those who cannot protect and support themselves” (CL 391) “This sphere affects the female sex, thus mothers, principally, and the male sex, or fathers, from them” (CL 393).

Thanks to all the Moms out there who have brought all those wonderful potential angels into the world, and thanks for protecting them and keeping them safe too!  Mostly, thank you for doing your part in raising them to follow the Lord so that they can fulfill their heavenly potential and dwell happily with the Lord to eternity.

On the topic of being thankful, I find that as my time winds down here at Carmel my heart is filled with gratitude for all the people who have been blessings to my family.  I’m not ready to say emotionally all those thank-yous and goodbyes yet; I still have next month to do that. However, I’d like to take a moment to thank Nathan here.

Nathan came to us in 2008, and now 11 years later, he holds the record as our longest tenured Assistant.  I did not know Nathan when he arrived, but in hindsight I see that the Lord provided me just the person I needed at that time.  It is not an easy job to be an assistant, and yet Nathan has assisted me very capably for over a decade.

As an assistant you don’t get any of the accolades when things go well, and if things go poorly you end up being an easy one to blame!  There are also times when you might not be particularly pleased with decisions that are made, but you have to live with them because you are trying to be a good assistant and not contradict your boss.

However, one of the things that I have admired about Nathan is his integrity combined with a strength of character that manifests itself in very gentle ways.  His loyalty is always to what the Lord teaches in His Word, and he is a real student of the Heavenly Doctrines, which he consistently immerses himself in to try and see better what it is that the Lord is really saying.  I have appreciated the many years of doctrinal discussions with Nathan, and he has helped me not to get pulled off track by the latest cultural trends, but rather to stick to what is actually taught in the Word.

I have particularly admired that he and Vera as a couple also try to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, in how they actively try to find ways to live the life of their religion day by day.  I will miss having Nathan as my right-hand man and I will miss having their lovely family across the street from us, because their support of my family and me has made my work so much better.

While I know that the last thing Nathan would want is public praise, but let me just close by saying thank you for all you have done for this congregation, and I hope you are blessed in your service to the Church for years to come.  “Well done, good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful in a few things; I will appoint thee over many. Enter thou into the joy of thy lord” (Matthew 25:21).

Rt. Rev. Brad Heinrichs