Surely the Lord is in this Place at Carmel New Church

As we experience forced distancing from family, friends and the church, we are offered an opportunity to reflect on what really matters to us. What are you missing most at this time? I would guess that most of us are missing connection with people, whether it is enjoying a casual conversation with friends in a relaxed environment, or deeply craving the embrace of grandkids and other loved ones. 

The Lord in people

It is the meaningful personal interactions that we long for. Why long for a connection? Because the Lord is in that place where hearts and minds meet. He is not in objects or music, nor a beautiful setting. The place where we find the Lord is where His love is present in the interaction between people. He is in the warmth of a loving connection and a genuine interest in knowing and sharing with another. 

Finding the Lord again

The need for meaningful connection is not a new idea in the world. It is recognized as a fundamental of life. Interestingly, the importance of, and the return to, valuing relationship building is being rediscovered by many in the world during these challenging times. It is useful to remember that the place where our relationship with the Lord begins is in the relationships at home with those closest to us. It then radiates outwards in greater and greater love to our friends and neighbours.

“The church is within and not outside, and that anyone is a church in whom the Lord is present in the qualities of love and faith.” 

Heaven & Hell n.57

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