The marriage course where we navigate life together

What is the Marriage Course?

The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions that have been designed to help any couples invest in their relationship and build a strong and healthier marriage.

The authors of the Marriage Course, Nicky and Sila Lee developed the course for couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. Each week covers an important aspect of relationship building. A session provides a talk from Nicky & Sila and an opportunity for a couple to discuss and build strong foundations. One of the most sought-after topics is learning to communicate more effectively and resolve differences well.

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The Marriage Course Details

The Marriage Course will begin on Friday 20th January @ 7:00 pm. It will be hosted at the Carmel New Church. There is plenty of parking in the church parking lot. Enter through the main Church Entrance, where you will be greeted and shown to the hall.

The cost for the course is only $40 per couple. You can pay on the first night or email for other options.

We look forward to providing the space for you and your spouse to have meaningful conversations about the most important aspect of life, your marriage relationship!

Who is it for?

The marriage course - old couple holding hands

The Marriage Course is for any couple, any age, any stage of life. Each couple will have a different reason for attending. Some couples are intentionally investing in the future of their relationship, while others may be looking to work on a specific challenge. Whatever the reason, the course offers the essential tools and guiding ideas that will help you build a relationship that lasts, not just "till death do us part" but to eternity.

What can you expect?

Eat together

Each session is a "date night," starting with a meal together. This gives you a chance to unwind and connect before we start.

Watch video

Each episode is around 45 minutes in length. The video is paused along the way to allow time for couples to discuss. The video contains real experiences and insights from other couples.

Talk privately

An essential part of the course is providing a protective space where couples can have private, intimate conversations. This enables couples to engage openly and honestly with each other.

Mature couple spendign time together playing music

What do the sessions cover?

Strengthening Connection,

The Art of Communication,

Conflict Resolution,

The Power of Forgiveness,

The Impact of Family,

Good Sex,

Love in Action.

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