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People are drawn to connect with others and be part of a community. The current isolation shows the importance of those connections. We invite you to join us at church on Sunday when that becomes possible. Until then, we still want to connect with you online. Join us live every Sunday @ 11 am.

"How can I move forward after being deeply hurt?"
Certain memories, people, or situations call up unpleas­ant feelings. We may not even realize the areas of resentments we have stored up until suddenly we react with anger. When these bitter thoughts and feelings build up without healthy release, it can be hard to feel the natural joy and freedom of living and loving. Join us for our series on Practicing Forgiveness.

Runs from 10th Jan to 7th Feb

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It's easy to get lost and lose interest in faith when we miss important starting ideas of faith. If we don't have a sure footing we slip into unhealthy thinking and are easily lead astray. Join us as we seek to restore a true understanding of the Christian faith.

Sunday Service - What to Expect

  • A 1-hour long service
  • Families worship together for the first half of the service.
  • Age-specific classes and projects for children during the second half of the service.
  • Lessons and messages that challenge and inspire.
  • A sphere of worship designed to let us take time, turn to the Lord, reflect and learn.
One Hour Long Service at Carmel New Church
Interior of Carmel New Church Building
Inspiring Worship and Lessons at Carmel New Church
Family Worship at Carmel New Church