Worship: What to Expect

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“A life of charity is the primary meaning of divine worship.” ―Emanuel Swedenborg

Worship Format

11:00 am Worship Every Sunday
(10:00 am Jun-Aug)

You are invited to join us!

The service begins with a children’s talk and then they are invited to go and attend our Sunday School programme. A Nursery is also provided for young children and infants. Next follows the readings for the adult portion of the service, and then a sermon is given to the adults aimed at stimulating thought about the life of religion and seeing how the truths in the Lord’s Holy Word apply in our everyday lives. After the service, you are invited to join us for refreshments in the gymnasium.

Our church teaches that the most important way people worship the Lord is by living according to His commandments in their daily lives. The goal of our worship services is to provide time for people to humble themselves before the Lord, raise their minds above daily tasks, learn from the Word, and pray and sing with other people.


Front Entrance to the Church

Visitors Welcome!  


If you are a seeker who is looking for a spiritual home, we think you will find all that you need and more at the Carmel New Church. We are a new breed of Christianity that has extensive teachings about how the Lord’s love works in our lives, the laws of His government, the joys of spiritual marriage between husband and wife, what to expect in the life after death, and a new perspective on the Second Coming.

In short, we believe that the Lord wants us to be able to enter into the mysteries of faith with understanding, because you can’t really love and form a relationship with a God that you don’t know and can’t comprehend. Religion should make sense and be able to transform your life in meaningful and practical ways.

As you take the time to explore our Church community, we think you’ll find that our motto rings true: “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it!” (Genesis 28:16)

Watch a Sermon before you visit!